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Ring Division
We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team

Research and Development

To fulfil our customers' demand for best separation efficiency, highest throughput capacities and lowest pressure drop for our products, RASCHIG continuously develops the most modern random and structured packings as well as mass transfer trays and column internals.

RASCHIG has a team of experts for product development and  customized design. Examples include the Raschig Super-Ring and Raschig Super-Pak as well as high performance liquid distribution systems for applications operating under extreme conditions.

In addition to our own test facilities, RASCHIG supports independent test institutes such as Separation Research Program (SRP) or Fractionation Research Incorporation (FRI). These institutes are recognized for their independent process equipment evaluation.

RASCHIG operates one of the world's largest liquid distributor test facilities.
Liquid distributor test facility up to 2 m diameter
Liquid distributor test facility up to 12 m diameter
Further more RASCHIG JAEGER can test distributor segments for larger diameter devices.
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