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Plastics Division
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Our granulated, free-flowing thermo-setting molding compounds are plastics that chemically cross-link at elevated temperatures. The final 3-dimensional structure obtained after the curing process inhibits the material from subsequent reforming. This guarantees that the material's properties remain constant at high application temperatures, even when these temperatures are exceeded for short periods.

Melopas ®

Melopas ® Melamine & Melamine/ Phenolic molding compounds

Very good electrical and dielectric properties, high surface hardness, good wear and UV-stability.

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Epoxidur ® / EP

Epoxidur ® / EP Epoxy Molding Compounds

Very good thermo-mechanical properties. Well suited for crack resistant coatings of electrical parts. Excellent adhesion ...

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Ralupol ®, Supraplast ®, AMC

Ralupol ®, Supraplast ®, AMC Polyester molding compounds

Very low mold shrinkage and post-shrinkage, very good electrical properties ...

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Silicone Silicone molding compounds

Very high temperature resistance, up to 1100 °C short term ...

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Ampal ®

Ampal ® Melamine/Polyester molding compounds

High elasticity, very good sliding behavior, non-wearing...

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Resinol ®, Decal ®

Resinol ®, Decal ® Phenolic molding compounds

Very good heat resistance, dimensional stability and mechanical properties...

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DAP & DAIP Diallyl phthalate & Diallyl iso-phthalate molding compounds

High temperature resistance, combined with excellent hydrolysis resistance ...

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Powder in-Mould Coating / PiMC

Powder in-Mould Coating / PiMC Powder In-Mould Coating

Guarantees excellent surface properties, UV-stability

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