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Droplet Separator

Droplet Separator made from metal, plastics and combinations...

In a lot of chemical and process industry applications the gas and vapour streams have the most important roll for the complete proses functionality. Different process steps necessitate generation, cleaning and separation of this streams.

An enrichment of gas streams with liquids can be reached both through mechanical (jetting, pressure) or thermal droplet generation - as e.g. in scrubbers and absorption columns - as well as through physical-chemical reactions (condensation).


Certain process runs then require a separation of liquid portions from the gas or vapour stream. Different systems are used depending on liquid amount, droplet size and required purity. Beneath cyclones and impact plates mainly droplet separators made of knitted wire mesh are employed. With little expenditure of energy (low pressure drop) finest droplets with diameters of nearly 1 µm can be separated and efficiencies up to 99.9 % can be achieved.


• Wide range of materials:
- All current rust- and acid resistant steels
- Special materials: monel, titanium, copper, nickel, etc.
- Plastics: PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, ETFE, PFA, etc.
- Fiber materials: PP-fiber, PES-fiber, Glass fiber etc.
• Production types:
- Size of the droplet separator from 50 mm to 10 m or more
- One-piece or multi-part, with and without support grids
• Applications:
- Chemical and petrochemical industry
- Scrubber und stripper
- Seawater desalination plants and distillation columns
• Own design software:
- Customized design
- Optimized separation efficiency

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