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Plastics Division
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Diallyl phthalate & Diallyl isophthalate molding compounds

DAPGlass fiber-reinforced and inorganically filled DAP or DAIP molding compound in various colors.
Combines very good temperature resistance with high mechanical and electrical properties and excellent hydrolysis resistance.


DAP 5553 PDS UL 94 General purpose grade for transfer molding
DAP 5562 PDS UL 94 General purpose grade for injection molding
DAP 5563 PDS UL 94 Especially suitable for long runner systems
DAP 5567 PDS Halogen free flame retardency

DAIP 6501 PDS High heat resistance, transfer molding quality
DAIP 6502 PDS High heat resistance, injection molding quality
High heat resistance, flame retardant, transfer molding quality 
DAIP 6552 PDS High heat resistance, flame retardant, injection molding quality

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