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Ring Division
We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team

Column Revamps

In addition to grass-root designs, RASCHIG has extensive expertise in column revamp projects. In case a customer is looking for more capacity, better mass transfer efficiency or lower pressure drop, RASCHIG offers the most modern random packings, high efficiency structured packings and high capacity mass transfer trays.
Quite often older generation random packings can be easily substituted by Raschig Super-Rings, the fourth generation random packing. This also applies to standard structured packings which can be replaced by Raschig Super-Pak, with the same targets.

The column revamp can usually be performed without any change to the column shell. Also, standard tray columns can often be directly revamped to high capacity trays for performance improvements of the tower.
We work in close relationship with installation crews on a worldwide basis.

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