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While many of the plastic packing offered by Raschig Jaeger can be utilized as biological media in trickling filters, Raschig Jaeger Bio-Ring® and Cascade Bio-Ring® offer specific design features for use in fixed film biological filters. These UV-stabilized products offer increased capacity and efficiency to aerobic treatment of wastewater in new installation or as replacement for rock in existing filters.

Raschig Jaeger Bio-Ring®
Raschig Jaeger Bio-Ring ® is a cylindrical element with large, hexagonal windows allowing passage of solids and unique external ribs to provide surface area and strength. Their 3½-inch size makes them ideal for small to mid-size filter applications.

Cascade Bio- Ring®

Cascade Bio-Ring® is designed for use in larger towers. Its 7¼-inch diameter and 2-inch height is composed of cylindrical, concentric circular sections, internal ribs, and an outer wall design to prevent occlusion of the elements. This design, based on the original Cascade Mini-Ring is the standard for random packing used in trickling filters.


Technical Data



Surface area

Packing factor

Void fraction








Raschig Jeager Bio-Ring






Cascade Bio- Ring®

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Raschig Jaeger Bio-Drain offers one of the most effective systems for your underdrain needs. With its 60+% open area to allow easy flow of air, waste water and biomass, the drain virtually eliminates any blockage. Each panel measures 40X48 inches of flat deck space. Constructed of HDPE, with UV protection, this system offers 10,000 #'s of static load. The superior design of Raschig Jaeger Bio-Drain allows you the flexibility to increase capacity without having to replace the entire drain system, as in other lighter units. Available in various heights of 5.5 - 6.5”. When used with the Raschig Jaeger Cascade Bio-Rings, the combined products offer one of the most effective bio-filter system on the market today. Other sizes available to fit your needs.

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