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Ring Division
We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team



RASCHIG offers a complete product portfolio relevant for all types of mass transfer towers. Our products are used in distillation, rectification, stripping and absorption towers and can be applied to particle or droplet separation systems. Our products are also used in direct heat exchanger columns as well as in liquid-liquid extraction towers.

Typical applications and services include:
Crude Oil Refinery

Crude Oil Distillation (atmospheric)

Vacuum Distillation

Liquefied Gas Production

Sour Water Stripper

Petrochemical Plants
Ethylene Splitter
Propylene Splitter
Butadiene Production
Benzene Separation
Toluene Separation
Xylene Separation
Environmental Plants
Flue Gas Scrubbing

Waste Water Treatment

Drinking water Treatment
Power Plants
Sulphur Dioxide Separation
Carbon Dioxide Separation
Natural Gas/Chemical Plants
Acid Gas Removal
Air Separation
Titanium Dioxide Production
Chlorine Production
Ammonia Production
Fertilizer Production
Ethyleneoxide Production
Styrene/Ethylbenzene Separation
Ethanol Separation
Methanol Separation
LNG Recondenser
Bio Refinery Plants
Ethanol Separation
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